Thursday, 29 June 2017

Lots of Curious Things Happening in Room 7 Today

It has been a busy day today as Room 7 get underway with their Curious Minds Project.  Mrs Fergus was interviewed by Venture Taranaki.  Room 7 were able to observe a still in action as they begin to understand the science behind distilling.  Finally they explored our school environment to discover what plants we can use as part of our Curious Minds Project.  Watch this space to keep updated on our learning . . .

Kimbolten School Visiting

Today staff from Kimbolten School came to visit to find out about our schools enviro journey.

Today Caleb, Kit and I showed two teachers around our school from Kimbolten. First we showed them around the hall we showed them mosaics on rocks, some paintings of Toko with some hidden names, and the veggie garden. The two ladies liked our enviro stuff so much they were taking photos of all our creations. Their favourite part of our enviro stuff was the chickens. They have been thinking of getting a chicken shed for ages but never got round to it. They really enjoyed our enviro creations and we gave them a lot of ideas.
By Pippa W and Kit M  Room 6

Enviro Visit to Rotokare

Enviro visit to Rotokare

In term 2 the years 5, 6 and the enviro leaders went on a bus ride to Rotokare! We were going there because it was for all of the enviro schools to learn more about pests and plants that can help us to survive and ancient maori games. We got put in groups and with our groups we had to go to lots of different activities. For example one of the activities was learning about traps and what pests look like. We got to try and guess what animals had made the foot marks on the ink tracks. We also did Maori stick and string games, we also learnt some old Maori stories and myths like the battle of the mountains and another one that is about using your manners and asking before you use something that isn’t yours. Another activity was about a new recycling centre and that it is going to be built next year and we had to do skits about where the entrance is for buses, cars and trucks and where the drop off zone is. One of the other activities was how to reuse lettuce plants, we even got to plant some of our own!Another activity was getting to see gecko’s and skinks, we got to guess what they were either a skink or a gecko. We also did a love food hate waste activity, most of us learnt the whole apple cycle and how many apples get wasted a day! Another activity was about plants and their uses. For example flax can be used for weaving, making baskets and ropes, there is a little thread inside it and that can be used for threading your skin together when you have cuts and wounds. The last activity was guessing how people used to use items in the olden days. The day was absolutely awesome!!!
Written by Keighley and Tess Room 6

Enviro Warriors - Out & About

Winter gardening, planting and tidying up.

Enviro Warrior's
On Friday the enviro warrior's do enviro jobs around the school. Some of the things we do are picking the pumpkins, cooking and weeding. We picked the pumpkins to sell on the stall. We also are making jam and chutney. We cooked some apples and freezed the feijoas to make the jam and chutney for the when we make it. When we do weeding we pull all the weeds out by the root and put it in a bucket, we picked the potatoes from the garden, made compost bins and planted veggies.
Written by Amy P  Room 6

Enviro Warriors - Making Jams and Chutneys

Our Enviro Warriors have been busy in the school kitchen.

Enviro Warrior

For an Enviro Warrior, every Friday what you would do is  some gardening or planting, but what we did was special. We made some jam and chutney. Some of us made jelly jam, some of us made made rhubarb jam and some of us made chutney. I made some rhubarb jam it took us a little time to start to cook the rhubarb but it was slowly getting cooked. While we were waiting for the rhubarb to cook we did help a bit with the rhubarb and ginger chutney we only got the rhubarb and ginger done.  Then our rhubarb was cooked so we got some dates and started to pull them apart for our jam. We added lemon juice for more flavor then we cooked it once more. We got some jars with lids and put them into the oven and and the lids in the hot water, if you were wondering why we were putting the jars in the the oven, it was for to keep the jam warm, and we put the lids into the hot water for a better seal.
Make sure that you come and get some jam and chutney from us.       

By Charlotte G   Room 6

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

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