Friday, 26 June 2015

Clean Up Time for the Chookhouse

We had a big clean out in the chicken area today. The shed had got very smelly because of all the poop. A group of Room 4 kids braved the smell and got stuck in with shovels and wheelbarrows.  We scraped out all the poop and put it on the compost heap.

We think the chooks are pretty happy with their super clean and tidy coop. Our youngest chooks really liked using the tyres to jump up to the branch where they could safely keep an eye on us.


One thing that was not so good was the discovery of a few holes - rat holes! They went from outside the run, under the cage wall and into the run. We'll have to get Mr Gallop and his traps on to these nasty critters!!!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Orchard Maintenance

It was a busy day today in the orchard.  We had to copper spray our plums and peaches and we had a tidy up around the fruit trees.  We also discovered our first lemon!!!

Enviro page added to our website

We have only just realised that other than our Enviro Blog we did not have any other information about our Enviro Schools Journey on our schools website.
We now have a page dedicated to this which also has a link to our blog:

WebLink Toko School

Just sharing our thinking and actions :)