Friday, 30 October 2015

Road Side Stall

Today we set up a stall to sell lots of Enviro products.  We are hoping that lots of people out and about for the Taranaki Rhododendron Festival will stop by and make a purchase.

New Furniture in our Enviro Area

Thanks to Roy our school neighbour for donating some recycled furniture made out of pallets.

Hose Reel

Thanks to Mr Gallop for making a reel for our orchard hose.  It looks cool.

New Signs For Our Dutch Leg

Today we put some new signs in for our Dutch Leg so we know the fruit varieties.

Chicken Update

Over the last term, there has been a lot happening over at the chicken area. First Mr Hancock came and built a new run for our baby chickens. We have a separate shed and run for our babies and our big chickens so that they don't fight and peck each other. 


Now that our chicken venture has grown we found we needed a place to store all the food and chicken stuff. Mr Wisnewski came and built us a fabulous storage shed.  Now we can keep all our stuff in there and fit everything in. 

The whole area is starting to look great. We have planted a garden full of silver beet and spinach for the chicks. We have a tractor tyre which we are going to plant with flowers and greens for the chickens as well. 
We have dug out paths which are going to be filled with tiles made by Room 2, we have painted the shed and used blackboard paint on the doors so we can write messages to everyone who visits the chooks. 

Yesterday Roy donated a table and bench that he has made out of pallets. 

We are really proud of this area and love spending time over there with our chickens.
By Heidi and Pascoe

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

It Was A Busy Day at School on Monday

Room 3 have been preparing the ground around the enviro area ready for Room 1 to sow grass seed and fertiliser.
This is the top soil pile we have been using.
Our paths have been boxed in and we have been filling in the gaps with top soil.
Room 5, 2 and 4 have been finishing off their enviro art.
Thanks to Room 3 and the Fundraising Committee with putting on a BBQ lunch today - meat pattie sandwiches - yum yum.

The Stratford District Council Came Visiting Today!

Kate and Neil, Stratford Mayor, popped in for a visit today.  Our students showed them around what we have been up to on the Enviro front. They bought some of yummy free range eggs. We think it is great that the Stratford District Council support our schools' involvement in the Enviro Schools programme.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Fun in the sun

Today we put sheep poo on our fruit trees.  We are on the look out for more of this for our orchard.  All donations gratefully  received.
Lots of flowers and lots of bees and lots of worms and lots of children in the orchard today.