Our Toko School environmental journey has been further enhanced by many generous sponsors.  It has allowed our school to think big and to pursue the interests and ideas of the children, staff and wider community.  Thank you for your ongoing support!!

Grass Roots Fonterra
In 2014 Fonterra donated $1750.00 towards the costs of building our chicken run. In 2015 they visited our school to find our how we spent the money.  Room 4 had a great time talking about our journey and sharing our learning.

Enviro Schools Action Project Grant
In 2014  M & O Woodgroup partnered for Taranaki Eviro Schools and donated $2000.00  to our school towards setting up our chicken journey.  The money was used to purchase a heat lamp, feeding equipment and to make 2 brooder boxes.

NRM & Marie Collins
In 2014 we were supplied with many bags of chicken feed. In 2015 Marie came to view our chicken learning and talk to us about rearing chickens.  In 2015 NRM are going to supply our school with 1 bag of chicken fed a month.  We were also given some information about keeping our chicken run and chickens healthy.

Toko Rural Women 
Our school is well supported by our local Toko Rural Women's.  They love visiting and hearing about our enviro journey and learning.  In 2014 they donated 10 small spades.  We really appreciate their ongoing support!

Rural Women & Farmlands
In 2013 our school was successful in our application for sponsorship from Rural Women and Farmlands.  We used this sponsorship to build a recycled bottle house and a shelter fence in our school orchard.

Toko Lions
In 2012 our school was successful in our application for sponsorship from Toko Lions.  We used this sponsorship to assist with setting up our school orchard.

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