Thursday, 29 June 2017

Enviro Warriors - Making Jams and Chutneys

Our Enviro Warriors have been busy in the school kitchen.

Enviro Warrior

For an Enviro Warrior, every Friday what you would do is  some gardening or planting, but what we did was special. We made some jam and chutney. Some of us made jelly jam, some of us made made rhubarb jam and some of us made chutney. I made some rhubarb jam it took us a little time to start to cook the rhubarb but it was slowly getting cooked. While we were waiting for the rhubarb to cook we did help a bit with the rhubarb and ginger chutney we only got the rhubarb and ginger done.  Then our rhubarb was cooked so we got some dates and started to pull them apart for our jam. We added lemon juice for more flavor then we cooked it once more. We got some jars with lids and put them into the oven and and the lids in the hot water, if you were wondering why we were putting the jars in the the oven, it was for to keep the jam warm, and we put the lids into the hot water for a better seal.
Make sure that you come and get some jam and chutney from us.       

By Charlotte G   Room 6

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