Thursday, 7 April 2016

New Babies

                                             Chicken Update

Last week Richie (Mum) and Honey (Dad) had 8 baby chickens. One died the next day.  This is the first time we've had chickens that have hatched naturally. Usually we hatch them from an incubator. So this time we had to do some research to find out how we could best look after these new babies. We decided that we shouldn't go into the shed unless we get told to so that Richie and Honey don't get angry with us. We left them pretty much alone for the first week, then today we got the chickens from the shed and brought them into the class.

We sat round in a circle and quietly watched the chickens. They were so cute. Mrs Hancock then pulled names out to see who would get to name the chickens.

This is what we called them:

We are really lucky to be the chicken class and we can't wait until we hatch some from our incubator and then they can be ours and played with much more.
Written by Room 3 

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