Friday, 4 March 2016

Cooking with Rhubarb - our thoughts

I enjoyed cutting the Rhubarb because it's the first time I've ever done  it. I enjoyed washing the Rhubarb one by one.  I liked the part of squeezing the lemons because it's the first time I have ever done it and when we tasted it, it was so yumm!

I really enjoyed picking the mint out of the garden  for the mint sauce. I have learnt to read the recipe more carefully, because Tomas and I accidentally put salt instead of  sugar into the pot!  We had to start again. I also enjoyed  stirring the Rhubarb for the Rhubarb chutney.

I really liked squeezing the lemons because I got to grate the lemons as well I also got to cut the lemons. Cutting the rhubarb into little pieces was fun.

 I enjoyed cutting the rhubarb up because they were so tempting, they also smelt delicious when they were cooking.

I really liked cooking and how they tasted when they were finished. I really liked being in the kitchen stirring the jam in the pot, too.

I really liked how everyone had a job in each recipe, the way that we also used our own vegetables and tools was awesome! The jams came out so yumm!

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