Thursday, 25 September 2014

Sustainability in Action 2014
A school wide focus for 2014 is "Sustainability in Action."  Term 1 was devoted to understanding what Sustainability is and how it affects Toko School, Taranaki, world wide and the children at Toko school.  Children will be able to explain what Sustainability is and what they can do at Toko School to do their part for Sustainability.  In Term 2 each class will look at a particular area of Sustainability and for the rest of the year do an action around sustainability.  The actions are different according to age levels and some of the ideas are being developed as the children come up with the ideas.  Please ask any of the children at Toko what their class is up to and what sustainability means to them.

Bird Survey
Until the 6th of July there is a bird survey available for everyone to do.  Please do this survey by listening to birds in the garden for 1 hour and then fill in the form below.  This is a nation wide survey.

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